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I have a rig that someone had built for my sister and was just going to steal the HDD out of it but decided to see if I could get it working instead. She said it was working fine and then it stopped showing up on the monitor so they tried a dif one and it still wouldn't

It has an ASUS A8V-VM motherboard and a monitor port attatched to the motherboard.
I had a PCI video card from an old dell (nVIDIA g-force2mx) and figured I could shove it in and give it a try but it doesn't fit. When I turn it on the HDD spins up the green light on the board lights up and all the fans start running.

So I am wondering if there is something more going on and what kind of Video card can I get to fit in the system if that it the problem
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  1. Any of these will fit, but only if your sister's monitor has both a DVI and VGA input.

    If your sister's monitor doesn't have the white DVI port on it, you'll need one with the VGA port like what's on her motherboard.

    Also, some DVI ports are different, so if hers has one, find the card with DVI that matches what's on her monitor.
  2. if the mb is still good by taking out the ram it should if it has a speaker connected to the mb give you a cmos beep code failure. if not it could be the mb or the power supply has an issue.
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