$700 Setup (minus vid card), Can I Do Better?


I'm building a new computer. (surprise!) This will be my first build, after my 4 yr old Dell XPS blew up and I learned the fact that all the parts for Dells are proprietary. I'm currently using a GTX 460 (768 factory oc) from my old XPS that I just bought and I'm looking for the best guts I can buy for $700 here is what I'm looking at right now.

Case - AZZA Full Tower

PSU - Thermaltake 750 Watt PSU

RAM - Gskill 4gb 1600

MoBo - Gigabyte LGA 1155 Socket

Processor - Intel Core i5-2500K

Again, looking to get the best build for sub 700 minus the video card, I do plan on upgrading to SLI at some point.

Thank you for reading.
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  1. Get a ati 6850 icy cool by HIS .
  2. I would recommend this motherboard instead, so if/when you go crossfire/sli, you have x8/x8 lanes at least instead of x16/x4


    And this memory has lower latency, which is better than higher clock


    I would also recommend a mid tower case as opposed to a full tower, but that is more personal preference as Full towers are HUGE. You also do not have a HDD chosen, nor whether you need a OS or not. So those are other factors to consider.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll def look them over
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