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I just got done building my system. I have an amd 3.2ghz deneb, 8 gigs of mushkin ram, and a sapphire HD 6870. I am considering doing a 3 monitor setup but I cant seem to find any monitors that get outstanding reviews. I currently have a Samsung 22" syncmaster 3000:1 2ms that is great (just a few years old, love this thing.) so I am open to any suggestions for a 3 monitor setup. I wanna go with 3 because I dont want to have the line in the middle with two monitors when im gaming.

BTW, im running an 850w PSU. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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  1. I suggest this one, it is LED LCD and has a very thin bezel so the cut off between monitors won't be as noticeable.

  2. Whats nice about that monitor is is the thin bezel. But you have a choice to make.

    Eyefinity uses the display port connector for one of the monitors - this LG doesnt have a dp input. You will have to buy an ACTIVE dp to DVI adapter for $100 and they dont always work.

    This is one of the big gripes about Eyefinity - you need a monitor/display with a DP so that all three displays look the same. Very FEW include DP inputs and when they do, they charge more for them.

    So your choice - active adapter or a monitor with a Diplay Port input.

    And once you get it running, its beautiful...
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