Asus "Please enter setup to recover BIOS settings"

Hi all,

I updated my BIOS to version 3703 this morning and now I'm having issues booting. I used the flash utility in the BIOS which seemed to work fine (said Success).

It then rebooted and another progress meter appeared which again got to 100% and seemed fine.

Rebooted again and after the bios splash screen gives me the American Megatrends post screen, which gives me the following message:

Please enter setup to recover BIOS settings
Press F1 to run setup.

Unfortunately pressing F1 does nothing. I've tried getting into the BIOS but it doesn't let me. Pressing F8 to get a boot device menu doesn't work either.

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  1. Never mind guys, I installed a PS2 keyboard and it worked, checked all my settings and it works fine now. Thanks any way.
  2. i got the same problem, I already tried a ps/2 keyboard but that doesn't work. it's a custom build computer and it worked fine yesterday.
    PLEASE HELP it was a really expensive pc.
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