MSI K9N Neo V3 won't recognize XFX9600GT

My problem is next. I have MSI K9N Neo V3 motherboard and XFX 9600 gt graphic card and everything was fine untill few days ago. Then I had to remove my graphic card to clean it and I also wanted to reset bios by taking out battery because of some other problems. When I put back my graphic card, bios won't start. I hear 1 long and 8 short beeps which indicates that it is something wrong with graphic card. I took MSI 6800GS just to check and it worked perfectly. I took my card to three of my friends and my card worked will all of those computers. I also tried MSI 9600gt and it worked and finally XFX9600GT identical as mine and it worked on my computer. I tried another PSU, I tried checked all of my memory moduls and everything is ok except when my card is in my MB. I also upgraded bios to latest version. Can someone help me?
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  1. 1 Long, 8 Short Beeps = Display / retrace test failed. Reseat the video card.
  2. Reseat is not helping.
  3. If the reseat in ALL PCI-E x16 slots is not helping and other cards are working fine then i think you have yourself a strange predicament.

    If it's not working in yours, but other cards do. But the naughty card works perfectly in others machines then that's just strange!
  4. I know it sounds strange but that is the case.
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