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Hi Folks,

I just got a reference (Sapphire) Radeon HD 6950. Performance suits me fine, but I didn't realize how loud the stock cooler on this thing would be. (My old card was one of these, and I'm guessing I never really appreciated how much nicer that cooler was than the reference.)

My system's built for low noise, with a Fractal Define R3 case, Scythe slipstream and s-flex fans throughout, and a Mugen 2 Rev. B CPU cooler, so the fan on the 6950 ends up making significantly more noise than everything else, even at idle.

My question:

I was thinking about getting an aftermarket cooler for it, but I just noticed the MSI Twin Frozr R6950 has recently come out. It's supposed to be a lot quieter than the reference design. So my options are

1) Sell my existing HD6950 and buy the MSI TFII. Net cost should be around $70.

2) Pick up an aftermarket cooler for the existing card. Unfortunately most don't have kits for the 6950 yet, and I don't feel like hacking one to fit, so may have to wait a bit. Cost should be similar, depending on which one I buy.

Advantages to aftermarket:
-Performance possibly better, although most seem to have trouble cooling the VRMs sufficiently.
-Would still have option to flash to 6970, although that may not be a great option considering noise.

Advantages to TFII:
-less time and effort
-2-slot solution so future crossfire possible.

I'm torn! Which option would you go for? If an aftermarket cooler, which one?

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  1. No opinions even?

    Also thinking about a Powercolor PCS++ 6950 now. Comes with a 6970 bios pre-flashed and while apparently not as quiet as the MSI, the cooler should still be a lot quieter than reference.
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