SonyVaio VGN-FW4ZRJ (ATI4650): HDMI&W7

My SonyVaio VGN-FW4ZRJ (ATI4650) does not see VX2266wm. I upgraded ati driver accordingly VaioLink recommendation ( Firstly it does work properly, but later it loose the monitor. W7*64bit.
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  1. When you say the Vaio "loses" the monitor, what do you mean? Is it possible that your power settings are allowing the system to go into sleep mode -OR- that your screensaver is starting (and is set to "blank")?

    Also, make sure your connections are firmly attached to both ends.

    Please clarify. Good luck!
  2. Sorry for my poor English! Thank you for your attention for my problem. I mean Vaio can't detect the added monitor. Cables wasn't reconnected from last successful session, both equipment were not moved or deattatched. Only restart or switch off. I made switch on and Catalist can't find the monitor. Every successful session the monitor recognised any new type: like non PnP or ViewSonic or monitor at HDMI or PnP standard... I'm very tied from unsuccessful contacts with Vaio-Link Support. They told now that my PC can't work properly under W7? This way why for they sold the upgrade to W7? Why for they advertise this Upgrade at their site?
  3. I understand your frustration and will try to help resolve with you.

    Go here. Get the Catalyst Control Center (on the Individual Downloads tab) and the AMD Media Codec package (on the optional downloads tab) and install them. More current drivers, than offered by Sony, may help.

    Good luck!
  4. It doesn't work with Sony Vaio! I tried...
  5. Understood. This sometimes happens with some OEMs, especially Sony. Was worth a shot.

    What country are you in? I am asking so I can track down information for your laptop via Sony's website.
  6. Also found this link. Not sure if you have a newer version or not. Worth a look:
  7. Thank you! I'm living in Russia, Moscow.
  8. Usually, I would check the version numbers or the dates on the files. Checking these two links, they appear to be the same file, only listed in two places. This is an older driver, dated in 2009.

    You can try the link I sent earlier to check if it is newer. I will look later for more info from Sony.
  9. Thank you! I treid. No progress. The first problem is ATI doesn't recognize monitor as FULL HDMI 1092*1080 both HDMI&VGA ports. Using my desk top nvidia recognize VX2266wm like FULL HDMI 1092*1080 through VGA port without any problems. Sony can't recongnize HDMI TV too. Problem is (as I can mind) driver can't initialize ATI to recognize external video equipment both within VGA&HDMI ports!
  10. Sorry this has been so difficult. So, your system does work when connected via VGA?

    Also, when you say that the ATI doesn't recognize the monitor as full HDMI (1920*1080), do you mean that it does display something, but that there is a black bar surrounding the projected image?
  11. System works via VGA. Monitor is recognized as 1280*720, for example... (From desk top via VGA GeForce reconnized as 1920*1080). Any times rather results. Black bar surroundig the projected image I saw using old version of driver. Now I use 635 version (you recommended me exactly this version). Via HDMI sometimes see (in rather formats), but mainly does see. All cases without black piping bar.
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