Athlon 64 sk754 or Intel Atom for file\backup server and folding?

Hi there. I'm planning to build a small computer for auto backup (from all other computers in the house through network using some folder sync software), also for some light folding@home and wireless internet server.

I have an old working motherboard with an athlon 64 3200+ sk754, 1,2gb DDR1 and a green HDD.
Question is, should i use this set for the task or should i go with some Intel Atom based system?
Of course power consumption is very important to me but is there a huge difference in these two settings when it comes to power consumption that would justify the aquisition of an intel atom mobo\cpu set along with the required ram?

My google skills are pretty bad today and i'm having trouble finding which is the power consumption of this athlon 64 3200+ sk754 for both idle and 100% usage!

Help me please! :sarcastic:
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  1. Is there really such thing as "light" folding@home? The length of use is a major factor when you look at power usage. If you are only going to be using this server for a year, use the parts you already have. If you are using it for 4/5 years, an atom's power savings might return the favor by then. I think your best bet is to use the system you have until Intel's atom improvements hit in mid/late 2012. You'll save a lot more wattage.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Well indeed there is no such thing as light folding, but what i meant was using only 60 to 70% of cpu power for folding.
    And yes, i really want to use the system for a long time and the thing that scares me is using this athlon 24\7 non-stop above 60\70% of permanent usage. I'm afraid of the power bill and seems that any atom is more of a safe bet than this system when it comes to power consumption!
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