Gtx 460 cod4 fps drop

AMD phenom X6 1055t
Asus m4a88tdm evo
GTX 460 1gb(palit )
cm 600w
win 7 32bit home premii run cod4 on all low settings ,still i don get 250 fps lock... it keeps on fluctuatin.... i don even get 125 fps lock keeps droppin all the time... im playin on all LOW GRAFIX.... and my nvidia settings are all in default... Vsync(off)... still fps drop reamins the same .... cant figure out the usin the nvidia 259.19 drivers....
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  1. What resolution are you playing at ?
  2. why do you want 200+ FPS in the first place? to play the game you don't need that kind of frame rates
  3. ^That's maybe because he plays in promod.In promod,having 250 FPS greatly helps in achieving higher jumps.
  4. lol. i never know that :??:
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