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Mobo DOA?Need opinions

Dead motherboard

So I just got my Asrock H67M-ITX/Ht mobo, dropped in an i3 2100, 2x4gb G-Skill, Seagate 7200 rpm 500gb hybrid hdd, PSY GT 430 1024 mb ddr3, plugged everything in double and triple checked, threw the switch and nothing......

Reseated, re-checked and re-checked again. Still nothing. No lights, no fans, no beeps (Though I would be surprised without a speaker).

Tried different psu. nope. Did the paperclip test on original psu. Pass (Though I guess it a matter of opinion) But I know the second psu is fine.

Followed this guide

(Should be a sticky)

No love...

Checked the socket pins again double checked the chip was in properly cleaned and re-applied thermal paste. (Had a little too much first time around)

Put everything back together. (A minimalist approach)

Followed this guide (Same as above)


I think it's DDDDOA....

What about you?

Thanks :D

Forgot - I reset bios and cmos
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    this is look like the board is dead you will have to rma
  2. RMAed it
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