5570 Problem

i just bought this graphics card.
:Sapphire HD5570 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card 2.1 PCI-e

am not sertain but i think i have a 1.0 slot.
and a 450W power supply.

the problem is when i put it in. and try turn on the PC. it starts.. then stops... then starts and stops again and again.

when i remove the card. it goes back to normal working fine. ive tried to look up the problem on line. my power supply is high enough. so i dont think thats the problem. but i am not the best at computers so i thought id ask here.
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  1. What are the basic specs for your computer? Be sure to include the make/model of your motherboard. Your PSU (power supply) should be fine.
  2. MOTHERBOARD: abit lg-95cv:1.0
    POWERSUPPLY: pentiun p4 atx switching power supply 450w
    RAM: 2gig DDR2
    GRAPHIC'S CARD: 7600GT nvidia (is what am currently running)
    Realtek sound card.

    it is a Packard bell case. but if had it rebuilt as the old mother board Fry'd

    do you need any other info about it?
  3. Got it. Try this. You are going to shut the system down and disconnect all power sources (power cable, monitor, powered speakers). Then press the power button to discharge any residual power in the system (yes, it is true). Then remove the old video card. Then remove the motherboard battery (a.k.a. coin battery) and wait 30 seconds. This resets your BIOS to its default config.

    Now, re-insert the battery and install the new video card. Reconnect all of your power sources and attempt to restart the computer.

    Good luck!
  4. ok done that. same problem happening didnt even get to bios screen just like b4. :\
  5. Do you have access to another system that you could install the new video card in to determine if it is defective? I am starting to think it may be the video card.
  6. sadly i do not :\
  7. Siroblivion said:
    sadly i do not :\

    Understood. If you can RMA/return the 5570, I suggest you do so on the basis that it is defective. I am sorry for your troubles and the delay, but as it is now, you can't use the card.

    Good luck!
  8. BTW, which PCI-E slot are you installing it in? The blue one or the black one?

    Is this your mobo?

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