Realtek Audio Issues ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN 3

Hey Toms,

I am having issues with my Realtek audio panel with this new motherboard. I have my mic plugged into the rear RED port, my speakers plugged into the GREEN port. The issue is that when I plug in my headphones to any of the other ports other than the green one, I am unable to get it to output sound at all. On my old motherboard I could have all 6 devices plugged in and I could change them to speaker out, headphone out, mic, rear, sub, and mic in at any point. On this motherboard I cannot double click any of the ports other than the green one to pop up the menu to change them , and when I do it is only headphone/front speaker. I want to be able to have my headphones, mic, and speakers all plugged in and be able to turn them off/on with realtek and not have to crawl to the back of my desktop to plug in headphones. My main question is that I know for sure that on my old motherboard all the 6 audio ports could work for anything...Does this motherboard have specific inputs that only work with 1 function such as red only works with mic, green only works with audio??
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  1. Do you have the Realtek software installed?
  2. Yeah its installed and running, but I cant double click any of the other ports other than the green and red one to pop up the menu's to change input settings
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