ASUS motherboard and AMD cpu won't power on


I have an ASUS motherboard with an AMD X2 5000 cpu installed. The system booted once and I was able to install the OS. Powered down, then tried to power it back up. Nothing. Checked for shorts and reseated everything. No power. The fans and lights try to start but shut off immediately. Taking out the CPU allows the motherboard to power one and then all fans work.

My question, is this likely a dead CPU or does my mobo have an issue?
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  1. It's the CPU. Tried it in another motherboard and it would not boot.
  2. Seems like you answered your own question there! Just follow up with an RMA if it's within warranty.
  3. Unfortunately, it's way out of warranty. Got it for free. It worked all of 1 hour before giving up the ghost.
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