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Gts 250 Vs HD 4850

I am Having Those Two Choices.
Gts 250 Or Hd 4850!
i will be gaming and would be gaming at low resolution like 1024x768.I Will One Of This With A Pentium E5200@3.33ghz,2gb XMS2 Corsair,Msi G31 P21.
which is best?
i want to max out any game at that resolution!Don't Tell me Other Cards.Because Only These two are in my budget. :wahoo:
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  1. What do you have now? Have you looked the the Performance Charts posted here on Tom's to compare the 2 GPUs in question? Also, what make/model of power supply are you using? Last question, what games do you plan on playing?

    This might prove useful:,1831.html?prod[3607]=on&prod[3671]=on

    Good luck!!! BTW, looks like the 250 is the slightly stronger of the 2.
  2. I WILL BE PLAYING EVERY UPCOMING GAME!I wont upgrade in this year.the card that i will be buying is gts 250 512mb core edition.
  3. Really not a bad GPU for the money. Enjoy your new GTS250. HOOAH!!!
  4. i want to max out anygame at 1024x768 with my this setup,would that be ok?
  5. You won't strain the 250 at that resolution very much, if at all. So you should be good to go to ran at or near max.
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  7. ok means its great choice?
  8. The 250 is an excellent choice. Have fun!
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