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Im on Socket 478, build advice?

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April 29, 2011 9:22:51 PM

Check my system specs in member configuration. Scartch out 7950GT, it died, im on a 7600GT.

So, im on this system and i guess it does what i need it do, with pain and sometimes lagfest.

Should i buy SB-E thats coming soon or wait for Ivy Bridge? Will Ivy Bridge reach 8 cores, how about Sandy Bridge? If Sandy Bridge does and Ivy Bridge doesn't i might as well wait for Haswell. Haswell really hits my sweet spot, it will reach 8 cores stock and improve ontop of Ivy Bridge by 1.9x and will own Sandy Bridge even more than Ivy Bridge. If waiting for Haswell sounds unwise and just dumb the earliest im buying is SB-E which will hopefully reach 8 cores one day.

No AMD please no offense either =] any thoughts people, should i wait for Haswell, Ivy Bridge or SB-E?(if SB-E or Ivy Bridge gets 8cores)
April 29, 2011 10:02:32 PM

Who can say what the future may hold but I will say this I love what the Intel® Core™ I7 2600K does for me. Matched up with a good board and you will be shocked at that a difference this processor can make.

Christian Wood
Intel Enthusiast Team
April 29, 2011 10:13:43 PM

I dont want a quad core processor to be honest, i want something that will have 6 or more cores excluding Socket 1366. I'm looking forward to SB-E if it will receive 8 cores on its socket, and ill buy a 6 core at first then most likely upgrade later to 8 if theres such a thing for it in the future. I doubt Ivy Bridge will get 8 cores because i think it will replace the current mainstream Sandy Bridge CPUs that are out now. Haswell i think will come out being like the enthusiast CPU platform. I'm 16 though, probably wrong.

I'm almost fed up with this current Pentium 4 (S478). The thing is too slow, 512KB cache, 800FSB, 1 core is too old. SB-E sounds good and Haswell even better but Haswell is 2013, i'll probably punch my computer one day and break it before that day comes lol. I dont know what to wait for, what to do..

More Information > Member Configuration for my system specs.
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April 29, 2011 10:37:21 PM

Well the question is when are you going to stop waiting for the next thing? There is always faster better cheaper on the horizon but at some point your going to have to buy. If you need a machine now, buy it now.

I don't quite understand your reasoning for wanting a 6 core. Games are just now starting to take full advantage of 4 cores and most applications, apart from video trans coding or similar, are not well optimized for multiple cpu cores. Hell if I had waited for AMD to release their bulldozer I'd still be waiting to build a new rig...also Haswell supports up to 8 cores. There is no guarantee that the first chips available will even have 8 cores. They might come later down the road.

Especially with HT on the 2600k and the over clocking potential, the 2600k is going to last a while.

Best solution

April 29, 2011 10:44:35 PM

Honestly, the performance jump you'll see moving up from a P4 is gonna so totally blow your mind that I couldn't possibly imagine waiting another two years for Haswell. Sandy Bridge E-series chips are gonna be spendy, but even the cheapest current gen SB chip is such a totally enormous upgrade from your P4 I'm surprised you haven't gone for it yet!

3.0Ghz P4 = 491
3.1Ghz Core i3-2100 = 3866 (7.8x performance...)

Out of curiosity, why are you so interested in having that many cores? Unhealthy addiction to transcoding? Folding@Home? Newegg can get you set up with an i3-2100/4GB DDR3/Mobo for under $300. I guess I'm just asking why you would want to wait at all with a system that old. I would have already melted it down into scrap... =\
April 29, 2011 11:45:16 PM

I'm totally lost on this to. He has an ancient system that still "does what i need it do", but wants to go from a single core to 8 core because 4 isn't enough? If the CPU does what he needs it to do (mostly), why worry that its only an 800MHz FSB, 512kB L2 cache, etc?

I wouldn't wait at all. Go out today, buy the best you can afford, and don't worry about it. You seem to have a many year upgrade cycle so by the time you need to upgrade again CPUs much faster then Haswell will be out.
April 30, 2011 12:04:41 AM

LOL want a funny story? Lolz look @ this...

I went to buy a 990x computer with 3TB or 4TB 256GB SSD too, with 1866MHz 12GB RAM... i got this instead oddly.. 980x, 1TB +128GB SSD, 1333MHz 10GB RAM. Checked it on CPU-Z the guy said he thought that other stuff was in the Alienware, got it all for 2170. Returning it, still in the basement.

So, im 16 and wanting this extreme performance, why? Well, its because oddly, i keep waiting for something good in processors. Sandy Bridge E will probably be my buy, if not, Haswell. The things i do on my Pentium 4 based computer is UT2004 all settings turned to lowest possible, also went into system files and tweaked and optimized the game. Youtube 720p, yeah right, i get like 25fps average, dips are bad. 30fps im guessing at max, if ever. I get dips to i guess around 55 to 60 fps in the modes i play. Some maps i hit 30 fps lolz. So i should QUIT waiting and GET SOMETHING ALREADY? If so, ill get Sandy Bridge E hopefully. My dad will buy it he said. "Get yourself a 5, 6 thousand dollar computer and there you go." My dad said something like that. Im like.. "No no no thats too much dad ill get something cheaper thats a rip off and ridiculous." I said something like that, eh..

Im aiming for around $2000 to $2250 in the future. I'd get like 2000MHz 8GB RAM in Q-Channel and some SB-E CPU thats around a i7-950 or 920's spot when those first came out. A GTX 670 or 660 whatever those will really be in the future. Some 800W PSU good reliable one too. I think i should wait until then. Yes? no?
April 30, 2011 12:48:41 AM

Thanks for the advice buddy. When someone asks a question stick to the topic please, thanks.

I did a decent job giving detail of what i should do. I'm just confused when i see all these rumors of future processors, and then i look at what people these days have, then i see the future components again. I wonder, if i have that processor, I wont have to upgrade for years on end and ill be up to date still! It doesnt seem to be like that according to people here though, and i understand im probably wrong to be honest =[..

I'll wait for SB-E hopefully, unless if something changes my mind. Thanks everyone =], just needed other brains telling mine what they think and all. Thanks once again..
April 30, 2011 12:51:19 AM

Best answer selected by hyrule571.
April 30, 2011 12:54:19 AM

you should build a computer now. i dont understand why u want a 8 core processor if u do wait for bulldozer it be around june. honstly i would build with i5 2500k or i7 2600k and overclock it to 4.5 or better you go crazy when you see the perfomance. no body can suggest anything if we dont know what u do with you machine. need a reslotion of your monitor to pick a graphics card i have a gtx 560 TI and it does what i need it to do.