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A while back I made a thread because my computer i put together from left over parts would turn on but the screen was blank. Well i found the problem and fixed it with your help, there is something wrong with the ram slots. I have for sure 2 good sticks of ram, out of 4, but only one will work at a time. If i plug both of the known good sticks in any configuration the screen will not get signal. I reset the jumpers and the bios is now dated back to 2003, can i update the bios with a CD or a flash drive? I don't really think that is the problem because it didn't work after i put it all back together in the first place, but it needs to be updated.

MOBO is one of the cheaper asus, and the ram are 4 cheap corsairs.
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  1. You can update the BIOS using a flash drive, but not CD. Updating the BIOS will not likely revive the dead DIMM slot, but if you're going to update the BIOS anyway, it won't hurt to try.
  2. Do the RAMs have identical specs (timing, speed, voltage, model number)? Dual channel (sold in pairs) would be better.

    Use the 2 dual channel RAM in pair, then put in dual channel configuration in the slots (usually the same colored slot). If that's still won't work, try only 1 stick at a time in different slots. If only the first is usable, like you first said, then there's no helping it. You're limited to just one slot then :D
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