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Hi all,

I am not really a techie so hoping for a bit of help here from you guys, I am setting up a new system for my brother who is a retiring Veteran. As my

gift to him I have decided to buy him a new rig from OriginPC as well as setting up a 3 monitor Eyefinity system for him.

I will be buying 3 new monitors for the Eyefinity and was wondering what I need to set this up.

I would like to know if it is possible to have the 3 monitors daisy-chained to 1 Display port cable instead of using 2 DVIs and 1 display port cable.

Can this be done?

If so what hardware will I need?

Does anyone recomend some decently priced monitors and what do I need to plug the 3 display port connectors into 1 display port connection on the

grpahics card?

The system has 2 AMD ATi Radeon CrossfireX 5870s - sapphire model

Any help would be greatly appreiciated.

Thank you very much.
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  1. You will need monitors and a GPU capable of supporting DisplayPort V1.2 to daisy-chain them as suggested.

    You will need to look at the specs for what you are considering (particularly the 5870s) to verify the capability. You may need to step up to the HD68XX or HD69XX series.

    BTW, you are doing a great thing for your brother. I am a soldier (for nearly 26 years) and I respect what you are doing. HOOAH to you and your bro!!!
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