Upgrading CPU in old Vaio All in One

Hey guys

I am running an old Vaio All-in-One (VGC-VA1) machine , with an Odd Sony Mobo, with a Pentium D 820 , socket 775, Smithfield (90 nm) 2.8 GHz , running at 95 W under full load

I want to replace it with a more power efficent , cooler CPU such as an Intel Dual Core E5200 2.5GHz ,45nm, 65 Watt 775 soket CPU . Now I would just purchase one and replace it , though I am not sure if the Bios would accept it and if the computer will start at all. Sony doesnt support upgrading their Vaio's generally and so I wouldn't be 100% . Also because Sony Vaio no longer support this machine under windows 7 , there hasn't been any bios or or driver updates , since 2007 .

I am physically able to replace the CPU . However because the newer E5300 CPU was relaesed after 2007 I am not sure if the old 2005 Sony hardware would support it . Vaio's are genreally known to be stringent when it comes to upgrades .

What do I have to consider if I can upgrade the CPU ? DO the CPU bus speeds have to match ? The current Pentium D 820 has a 800 Mhz front Bus speed

A side note to consider: These Vaio's are funny machine's , this machine would only support PC24200 (533hz) Ram . No other speed would work , I tried .
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  1. you can use a high rated FSB(front side bus) cpu in a slower FSB mobo. but, your fsb can only be as fast as the slowest link.

    interesting that you could do this with your ram. ive put highr speed ram module in systems that dont support it and they've run fun albeit on a lower speed.
    B/c of that issue youve had, sony might not let you do it with a cpu either.
    that said, i wont dump a ton of cash into this if i were you. hypothetically it should work, but there might be some unforseen challenge due to sony's restrictions.
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