Why always Premium PSU??

So one thing I have noticed on this forum is that anyone who submits a build without a preferred vendor PSU will immediately get several comments about how it is important to get a top brand PSU or else your build will be ruined (that is what the general tone is)...

People make it sound like your system will not boot or your PSU will fail in a week, or it will fry everything in your system. I am not talking about generic PSUs that comes in an HP, but rather the non-premium brand ones that people will link to on newegg.

I am sure if I submitted my build a number of years ago I would have been told don't use that Ultra brand PSU because ..well just because others are better (of course it has now lasted me about 5 years).

I understand that the premium brands are probably using higher quality parts and a better process to manufacture the better PSUs.

What I am wondering is does anyone have any links to statistics on failure rates or any facts on why it is better (beyond PSU company X has better voltage control in a test). I can also understand for someone who is trying to very carefully regulate voltages to get the very best OC possible (but this is not the normal home builder)

Also does it matter if you don't leave your system on all day and maybe game 20 hours a week instead of 60.

Just trying to understand the basis for the PSU folks hatred of discount PSUs.

An explanation / discussion would be great, and hopefully I have not just jinxed myself into having a fried PC because my PSU goes crazy.
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  1. Well we dont hate it.But we cant simply recommend it.
    If we do start recommending bad psus then indeed it would give most of the questioners to the forums more problems then they could hope for.

    Indeed if you used a bad psu and didnt have a problem with it its cool.But some mates here had there gpu blown up, mobo melted and of course the old "Whats that smell?" psu problem.

    You could save soo much money time and energy just purchasing one good psu.
  2. So assuming that when something goes wrong that tends to be when people have feedback on stuff. So some small % of the time a non-premium PSU goes haywire (and for $20 why not get a better one)....I assume even a premium PSU must fail sometimes as no manufacturing or check process is best.

    It is probably just the way I read into it on the custom build forum...the strongest feedback is always about the PSU followed by the RAM (if we ignore the why are you getting an AMD chip which has a bunch of testing to show that nowadays intel beats it at all but the cheapest setups). So basically the PSU experts have seen too many complaints about low end PSUs and if the builder wants to risk their system over $20 then so be it :)
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTVEtr14FEA

    This is a good reason why you should get a good PSU ;)
  4. The PSU is very important cause its a piece component thats gonna last for several builds, just like your case, keyboard, speakers and monitor. You get a good one once and youre safe for 10 years. PSU prices are so low now that you can get a TOP PSU for $100-$150

    In addition, a good PSU that runs cool and silent gives you a more pleasent operation and less heat inside the case, so its better for your other components as well.
  5. PSU is like the heart of Human, in the our bodies drain blood to the entire system through the cables and components. It makes all will be live, and what would happen if the blood stagnanting or stoping .. ? so unstable or died that we will get. No blood no power for live.
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