Scared To Install XP!!!


I have:
1.1ghz Athlon,
Asus A7V
256 Mb SDRAM
20 Gigs ATA 100,
GF2 Ultra,
SOund Blaster Live Value II.

I am scared to install XP because WIN 98 gave me so many problems due to the A7V! Anyone installed XP on an A7V (using ATA-100 HD)??? In Win 98, after the initial installation, Windows wouldnt recognize my cd-rom, so it couldnt access the win98 disk to install the drivers... many many errors!!! Will the same thing happen in XP? Can I install XP from a partition??? Please help me! So very scared!!!

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  1. BOO!

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  2. Nahh, it probably won't happen with XP. But if you're happy with Win98 then don't upgrade.

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  3. Windows XP should be a lot more stable then Windows 98. It is definitely worth to upgrade.
  4. Odd as this may sound, there is nothing to be scared about when migrating to Microsoft's latest Operating System, XP.

    To begin, you should start by making sure that your A7V has the latest BIOS. This can be obtained from the Asus Germany Web site at:

    Here you will find the 1009.ZIP BIOS file that once extracted will be 1009.bin with the latest Promise Ultra 100 IDE drivers (2.01.1). You should use aflash.exe on a floppy disk with only the system files on it. (Format a floppy and check the "Copy system files" checkbox).

    Once flashed, you be all ready to install XP over your existing operating system.

    During the installation, when prompted, I suggest performing the following actions.

    a) Install on current partition C:
    b) Install XP into the current Windows directory (C:\Windows) and uninstall the existing operating system. (This will be one of the options) UNLESS you have Microsoft Application software like Outlook, Word, etc... In this case you should install it to a NEW directory as you could wipe out your existing .pst mailbox and application pointers by installing it over your old Windows!) The beauty here is that you go in and uninstall your old Windows later without deleting your important data or application pointers.
    c) Convert the volume from FAT to NTFS when prompted with the various volume options.

    Let Windows install completely and once that is completed, you will need to return to the Asus website and download the latest promise Ultra 100 drivers (to go with the updated Promise Ultra 100 BIOS).

    You can find the Ultra 100 drivers again on the Asus Germany web site at:

    Here, you will find two different files, the one that you want is: The other file in this directory is intended for RAID controllers on the A7V133, so you don't want it.

    After everything is complete, you'll want to download and install the latest 4in1 drivers as well as the VAGP410 update. This is all automatic in that when you click setup, it will prompt you to install the drivers (in the case of XP it only installs 1 new file in the 4in1 drivers) and then perform the AGP410 update after (since the latest 4in1 drivers include the AGP405 version which is old, don't ask me why.)

    Anyway, once this is done, you're all set as far as most of your drivers go. To finish, you should run the Internet Explorer "Windows Update" function to download all of the latest XP patches, drivers and updates to finalize your installation.

    I have been running XP on both the A7V133 and A7V with absolutely no problems, I'm sure you'll really like it. Much more stable than any other Windows platform!

    In case you are wondering why I am pointing you to Asus Germany, I have found the Asus Tiawan and US sites do NOT have the latest drivers, whereas all R&D for Asus is done in Germany, they always have the latest and greatest drivers and BIOS's on their site.

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  5. I have XP installed on my Tbird 900@1000 with an A7V and a Quantum AS 30 gig ATA100 drive and everything runs well.

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  6. I have a Asus a7v133 (kt133a) Motherboard bios rev latest .07 w/ a Maxtor 60 Gb harddrive, asus v7700 gf2 gts video card. 640 megs of ram. And I cannot For the Life of me Get WINDOWS XP HOME EDTION To Install. it's the OEM so no Microsoft Support. I have tried everything from microsofts website the NO-UDMA mode and the OEM INstall But no go. Can someone PLease Help Me out. Thanks

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  7. Hey, just so you know, my A7V133-based computer is running just fine. I think you can do it too (at least I hope you can).
    Can you post what you've done specifically? Plus, post your system configuration.

    <b>My system:</b>
    A7V133 rev. 1.05 BIOS 1007
    TBird 850 - stock speed
    2x256MB PC133 SDRAM
    WD600AB 60GB hard drive (my IBM 75GXP is out of commission...I would normally have two HDs)
    ATI Radeon 32MB SDR video card
    Aureal Vortex 2 SQ2500 sound card
    3Com 3C905B-TX-NM NIC
    Lite-On CDRW 24x10x40
    Lite-On DVDROM 16x40

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  8. Sure umm I have Turned off the DMA in bios on my harddrive, Turned off PNP in Bios, Also Turned down Clock Speed to 100mhz ram Freq. Basically everything as of 10/10/01 Microsoft website. I heard something about ACPI???? That it could be that But I'm skeptive. So I haven't tried it.

    My system is:
    Asus A7v133 Bios rev 1007
    700mhz Duron~Stock
    2-256mb pc-133 1-128mb pc-133 SD
    A 60GB MAXTOR HD 2mb Cache 7200 RPM (5T060H6)
    ASUS V7700 32MB Geforce 2 GTS Deluxe
    SoundBLASTer 512(at the time) now
    Montego 2 Quadzilla
    Linksys LNE100TX v 5 LAN card
    52X SOny CD-rom

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  9. I have pretty much the same hardware... only differences are I'm running a 1GHz Athlon with and ATi Radeon 64 VIVO.

    I have had no problems getting XP installed or to run.

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  10. Well, for starters, set the BIOS to it's defaults. Whatever the defaults are should be just fine.

    I'm not sure what the placement of your PCI cards are, but this is what I recommend...wait. Do you have <b>two</b> sound cards in your system? Can you do without the SoundBlaster? You have a Montego 2 Quadzilla. Just try this for now and see if this works:
    PCI Slot 1: Empty
    PCI Slot 2: Empty
    PCI Slot 3: Montego 2 Quadzilla
    PCI Slot 4: Empty
    PCI Slot 5: Linksys NIC

    If this doesn't help, remove the sound and network cards. Try the memory sticks...maybe one's defective. Try installing with just one. Then afterwards, install another one, and another.

    About ACPI...that has to do with power management. In the BIOS, I usually disable any standby, or at least set it to it's maximum amount. I have to go right now, but for starters, try these things out.

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  11. Best thing to do when installing Win 98 fresh is to boot to command prompt with CD-ROM support, then copy all files from the WIN98 folder on the CD to a folder on the hard drive. (C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS is the most popular). Run the setup from the hard drive and you're good to go... Windows won't ask for the CD. However it may still ask you to insert your CD from time to time.. all you have to do is point it to the cab files on the hard drive.

    With XP it's even easier as XP has drivers for the IDE. You won't have any trouble with XP 'finding the CD'.

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  12. Ok,

    Did those things, I only have 1 sound card the Montego. I also tried without any nic or sound. just the video card. Tried it with 1~PC-133 128MB didnt't work. At the microsoft website They say that the Harddrive and Mobo is To fast. But knowing how much they know I don't trust that.
    TOO FAST? Come on I see p-4's with no problem
    I have also tried to use a old 2 GB harddrive with no DMA
    and COnsistantly get "Unable to Find File "*.*" (means a random file) On installation disk Please check disk to make sure if it's a CD that it's in DRiver. And it's in drive. Also have tried With a 24x cd-rom and a 48x-cdrom It just won't go. I can load WINXP on a old amd-350 comp with the 2gb harddrive and the 48x cd-rom with NO Problems it's just this board? ???
    I Continue to get the "Unable to find file *.*" When WINXP is Installing in "DOS" mode.

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  13. I have XP on an A7V w/ a WD 20GB ATA-100 drive. It's fine.

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  14. Screw all of that, while INSTALLING XP on my Maxtor 40GB harddrive, it BLEW it up! My great 40GB harddrive is no more! Oh why me!!!!!!!!!!!???
  15. Hmmm, sure you weren't under the influence? :)

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  16. Did you connect the CD-ROM to your VIA controller instead of the Promise? I don't know for sure if that's the problem, but I know it worked for me so I would recommend to give it a try.

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  17. Ya the CD-Rom is connected Directly to the IDE not the promise.

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  18. <A HREF=";en-us;Q310064&id=kb;en-us;Q310064#3" target="_new">I read what you're talking about</A>, and the speed of the hard drive shouldn't be the problem.

    Is the CDROM that you tried the same as your old computer? If not, try that one.

    With just the video card, try installing with the different sticks of memory. First, one 256MB stick. If that doesn't work, try the other. If that doesn't work, post back (since you tried the one 128MB stick).

    Something as simple as cleaning the the Windows XP CD might be stupid, but it might be the problem also (as M$ suggested).

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  19. I tried both CD-roms 1 from my old machine and the 1 on my new machine. Tried the 1 stick and then different sticks. the Ram is Good. Heheh ya Cleaning the Cd was like the first thing I checked. Umm Still no go still same message
    unable to copy file *.* (random file) I also Loaded WinXp on other computer and moved it over to this computer it boots fine but then when Xp loads I start getting mass errors.

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  20. Two things I'd try next:

    1) Post this in the Anandtech and Voodoo PC forums as well, since they don't go everywhere, and

    2) Email Fred Langa and ask politely for his assitance, telling him everything you've tried. He's very helpful.

    Right now, I'm at a loss for troubleshooting tips. It might be the CD itself, that it wasn't made correctly. You can call Microsoft, and tell them everything as well. But, that's about all I can think of. Good hunting...

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  21. It can't be the CD itself I can load it on a old k6-2 350 Computer No problems. Microsoft won't help me Cause it's considerered OEM software Even thougH i bought it from another company. So Can't do that. OK I will email Fred Lang
    Thanks for all your help anyways

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  22. That's true. Dangit, I wish there was a way, but I'm not sure what. I hope Fred answers your question. :smile:

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