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Which manufacturer makes the best quality motherboards at around the £120 mark?
MSI seem to have loads of features that would normally be on higher boards so I'm wondering if they cut corners in other places, the same goes for ASrock. Yet Asus boards seem to be devoid of everything but cost the same so are they really stable or something?
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Everyone has had bad and good experiences with brands. Personally I either get an ASUS or a Gigabyte and I would never touch a Biostar or ASRock again. But ASRock seems to be very recomended by people around here so they must be good
  2. my asrock board is by far the best board i have ever purchased
    ive seen too many problems with gigabyte board over the years to touch the brand
    asus used to be my go to company

    asrock used to make pretty crappy stuff but they stepped up their game in the last few years, a lot. this is a small note about asrock boards but they have the mountings for cpu heatsinks from other sockets. i got to reuse the cooler off my socket 775 computer on my new 1055. saved me 50 bucks. (which is a lot when you consider the cost of a decent board is only 100+.) should also point out the new asrock boards appear to be the best overclockers, i can get my cpu to run at 5.1ghz+ and even then the only thing holding me back is fear of too high a vcore and heat.
  3. Asrock
  4. See my point OP? Just pick the one you like the most
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