AM3+ Motherboard decision

Hey guys, I need you help. I'm building a new budget gaming rig and I can't decide which motherboard I should get. I'm going to be using an AMD FX 4100 processor and I am stuck between two motherboards.

1. ASUS M5A97
2. Asrock 970 Extreme3

does anyone have knowlege or experience with any of these boards and the FX
4100? My main concern is choosing a reliable board that will be compatible with the FX 4100 out if the box, so if you know of a different board that will do the trick (I'm on a budget so it can't be too pricy) that would be great too.


EDIT: using antec 550W PSU
8GB G Skill Ram 1.5 V
SLI/Crossfire: No
Single XFX Radeon 6770
Overclocking: Very likely
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  1. Have you already got the FX4100? Because at the moment Intel dominates the gaming CPU's no matter the price range
  2. AM3+ Motherboard decision... a bad one.
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