Can I Replace My 'Intergrated' Graphics Card?

Hi people.

I have a Acer Aspire 5742 (Laptop)

The specifications of it are:
Intel Core i3-370M (@2.4 Ghz) Processor
Intel HD Graphics (128 mb) with a maximum of 1755mb
4GB DDR3 Memory

and i think thats all the information that is useful to you.

I want to play GTA: IV, and many other games such as FIFA 11 and Assassins Creed on my laptop, but by doing a spec check on 'Can my computer run it' I found that although my computer excelled everywhere else, most good games require higher than Intel HD graphics that comes inbuilt with my laptop. I wanted to play GTA: IV, but was unable to do so because of these Intel HD graphics. Can i run it even with these graphics and play without alot of freezing?

Or, can i replace my Intel HD graphics completly with a much better graphics card? I think this is possible, because in stores you see Intel Core i3-330m mobile processors with ATI/nVidia graphics, so it should be possible to switch my graphics if ATI/nVidia graphics are available built in from store.
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  1. No. It is built into the chipset.
  2. Yeah, like christop says, even though other laptops specify ATI/nVidia, these are just chips that are physically integrated into the chipset of the laptop. Some may be qualified as 'discrete' because they have their own memory and processing ability, but they are still soldered into the laptop, so I'm afraid you're stuck with your Intel graphics.
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