Green pixels on display.

Hey guys me again. Thanx for the help deciding on cpu's.
Just wanna get some input on a problem i recently got.
I used to run Asus striker II formula with e8400, 4gb ddr2 800(4x1gb sticks), 3x500gb and 1 160gb drive that partitioned one half has os (win7 pro 32bit) and other half just pix and music, and ran a xfx gtx 280 and huntkey 550w green power psu wich ran great with every game I got so far.
Now I sold the gtx 280 and bougth a msi gtx 460 hawk and now when I play games these green pixels just flash randomly over my display. my suspision is that the new 460 might be faulty but im not sure dont realy wanna send it in and wait a week to find out while they test it.
any feedback or advice will be great.
in a few days I will recieve my new msi big bang fuzion board and 4gb kingston hyperx memory with a I5 760 cpu, will be keeping old drives and psu and 460
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  1. The symptom does sound like a faulty video card, you could try and push it with FurMark and see how it handle the stress.

    If that PSU is the same as the one Hardware Secrets have tested you should take a look at the result, and start planning for another (quality) PSU.
  2. I would immediately suspect the junk Huntkey Green Power 550 power supply unit.

    You realistically can't get more than 77% (427 Watts) of the labeled 550 Watts from that PSU and ripple and noise are above the maximum admissible (i.e. at 427 Watts).
  3. But wouldn't my old XFX gtx 280 have done the same issue? Is the msi 460 hawk taking alot more power than the 280?
    Thanx for the replies.
  4. It depends on how well each card handles severe ripple and noise on the +12 Volt rails. Some cards are more sensitive to it.

    Do you have another system that you can try the graphics card in or do you have another power supply unit that you can try?
  5. The 460 consumes a lot more power than the 280 did. And best case is 77% of the rated amount. Look at the Graphics charts for the 460.
    PSU's also degrade over time.

    You either have a memory problem on that video card or a PSU with lots of noise... PSU's are cheap and this one even more so....

    So here is my editorial. Why on earth build a new system and keep and old (and cheap and low quality) PSU around? These things are the heart of your computer - right there with the cpu cooler. They play a huge part in your system reliability...
  6. Ill take it to work and run the Gpu in another system and see if I can get a bigger psu to test with. Any recommendations on a sufficient and cheap psu?
  7. Select from a reputable name brand like Antec, Corsair, Enermax, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, XFX.

    Antec EarthWatts EA-500D Green
    CORSAIR Builder Series CMPSU-500CXV2
    PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II PPCMK2S500
  8. Aren't those 500w? shouldnt I get something bigger like 600w maybe?
  9. Wattage isn't the primary specification you should be looking at.

    The DC output current capability on the +12 Volt rail(s) is the most important spec. It's the +12 Volt rail(s) that supply most of the power used by the CPU and the graphics card(s).
  10. Scratch that, ko888 already answered your question.

    The GTX 280 you have been running is actually more power hungry than the GTX 460, and any of those will run it no problem.
  11. Thanx guys looks like most are saying psu so ill see if i can get the antec or corsair ones and get back to you guys if it works.
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