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Hi, i am starting a new build and i am having difficulties finding a budget case. The two that i am looking at right now are the Raidmax Typhoon and the Thermaltake V4 BE. Which one of these is the better case. my main concerns are cooling and ease of expansion/installation
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  1. Out of those two I would select the TT case but here are a couple of more options for little more
  2. A mid-tower with large silent fans and a good PSU? A nice silent solution is important if you want to avoid unnecessary noise. Also make sure you don't short-change yourself in the power-supply area if you will be using a grunty graphics card. I've bought several budget cases but ended up spending more to replace the PSU's they came with. Minimum 550w these days for a single card. Here's some case ideas ...
  3. craighay said:
    A mid-tower with large silent fans and a good PSU? A nice silent solution is important if you want to avoid unnecessary noise. Also make sure you don't short-change yourself in the power-supply area if you will be using a grunty graphics card. I've bought several budget cases but ended up spending more to replace the PSU's they came with. Minimum 550w these days for a single card. Here's some case ideas ...

    so your saying that the 450w PSU of the Tt isn't enough? what about the 500w PSU of the Raidmax. is 50w a big difference? i plan to use the ATI 5770 with a 965. i am not planing to overclock
  4. wenqi said:
    so your saying that the 450w PSU of the Tt isn't enough? what about the 500w PSU of the Raidmax. is 50w a big difference? i plan to use the ATI 5770 with a 965. i am not planing to overclock

    Neither PSU is a quality unit but both are big enough to run HD5770.
  5. is upgrading the PSU hard?
  6. No it is not, I personally always buy a case and PSU separately since most case manufacturers do not offer quality PSU's bundled with the case.
  7. heres a great deal Antec Six Hundred $34.95 after Coupon & Rebate was $69.95
    $34.95 after Coupon & Rebate Free Shipping ecellent case comes with 3 fans
  8. It is a pain to upgrade the PSU. But more importantly, its a HUGE pain to replace your entire busted system because you bought a cheap psu. If you show us your build we can help you pick an appropriate, reliable, and affordable psu.
  9. yea if you can swing it a good psu is important how much do you want to spend
  10. If you don't have a great review as a reference (see for examples), I wouldn't trust any PSU outside of Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, Silverstone, or XFX. There are also some more expensive lines like PC Power & Cooling that are consistently amazing.

    Other brands tend to overrate their wattages (like a 600W that can only provide 350W is VERY common), have out of spec voltage fluctuation, and generally just damage your components over time.

    Here's what kind of review your typical cheap PSU might get:
  11. The Antec 600 is a ridiculous deal if you trust rebates (I'd buy it). The Thermaltake V4 would be a good choice if the Antec 600 wasn't available.

    But if you're starting a new build, you should start with this and let us help out on all the parts:
  12. sorry about not replying to all your posts, was busy. My current build option will be to use the 965, AsRock 890GX-Extreme3, Patriot Gamer 4GB DDR3, HIS 5770. this is a budget Build so i have selected nice CPU nice mobo. i have thought about the i5-2400 but have used AMD in previous builds so unless the i5-2400 is THAT much better (i know it is better for gammin i mean general use like media) i will stick with AMD. my previous cases were always the cheapest, this is the first time i started looking at a non-generic case.
  13. The I5 2500 is only about 7% faster than the 2400 to give some comparison
  14. Who's got game? Sandy Bridge has game (and not just game). (The 965 is clocked between the 955 and the 970, as you might guess from the numbering; they are all the same processor clocked at different speeds),2859-10.html,2833.html
  15. The 955 is the same as the 965, so if you're headstrong and set on AMD, save yourself the $15.

    If you looked at the benchies linked by Genghiskron, you saw that an i3-2100 can beat almost any Phenom II and you can find one with a mobo for $190. If you're going budget and over $300 total, this can't be beat.

    Also, the Radeon 5830 was going for $105 last week (no rebate!). The 5850's going for $140. That makes it tough to recommend a 5770, especially since with a 5850, you won't need crossfire to play good games on good settings. Seriously though, fill out the new build advice form I linked and we'll get you the best for your buck.
  16. Hello, sorry dalauder, i didn't know i had to write it in a special way:
    Approximate Purchase Date: sometime this month
    Budget Range: 500 to 600 before rebates
    System Usage: Gaming, Movies, Media
    Parts Not Required: Monitor, OS, keyboard & mouse, sound system, DVD drive
    Preferred Website:,
    Country of Origin: Australia
    Parts Preference: big on price to performance ratio
    Overclocking: NO!!!!
    SLI or Crossfire: Preferably No, but maybe an upgrade down the line
    Monitor Resolution 1440x900
    Additional Comments: Almost 100% sure about getting 965/i5-2400 with 5770. Might get a bigger screen later on…
  17. Anyone who is wanting to spend a bit of money on a quality case get the Corsair Obsidian 800d brilliant case quite expensive but well worth it.

    Bought mine at the start of the year £238 prob about $500 ish
  18. Oh, "special way" isn't the issue. It's just that the form asks all thorough questions we need answered in order to give you good recommendations.

    I'll see what I can find and come post back later this morning (Guam time same as Australia time).

    @fowang, he means $500 to $600 for total build, not the case. I know the thread title was misleading, but $500 case with a 5770? C'mon?
  19. Best answer
    CPU: $122 i3-2100
    Mobo: $93 Gigabyte mATX PCI-e 16x/4x
    PSU: $73 Silverstone 500W
    It'll cost you $120 or more to get a 750W to handle SLI/Crossfire, but this motherboard can only crossfire midrange and can't SLI. I'm make suggestions in that vein if you ask though.
    Case: $52 Aywun
    DVD: $25 Any will do
    HDD: $45 Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB
    Graphics: $209 Radeon 6870
    Although I think the $267 GTX 560Ti is a better buy:

    TOTAL: $620 w/ Radeon 6870
    TOTAL: $678 w/ GeForce GTX 560Ti

    I'm not sure why you're so firmly against overclocking since it maximizes performance for price by a longshot. But I went with non-overclocking parts. Prices at the websites I could find made it most practical to buy the $220 i5-2500K from MSY at only $11 more than the non-overclocking version.

    EDIT: You could also go with a 5850 to meet your budget.
  20. thanks daluder, this meets my budget nicely though will am thinking about 6850 instead of 6870. also how is the radimax VX500 @ $45 & WD blue 500GB @ $40?? am against O/C because don't have the patience & cooked old system trying to do so
  21. oh, also with the money i might save on the PSU and the HD i am thinking bout better mobo for future upgrades. which seems better? the Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3RB3 or the ASUS P8P67-M-Pro-V3 DDR3 or ASUS P8P67-LE-V3 DDR3 all of the MSY website
  22. Neither of the motherboards you suggested run their second PCI-e slot at 8x. They're both 16x/4x in dual mode instead of 8x/8x. SLI is disabled on boards that can't run 8x/8x. Crossfire will run on 16x/4x with minor performance loss:

    The motherboard I linked has two PCI-e's that run in 16x/4x. So the only major benefit of another board would be 4 dim slots for RAM. Of course, you can just buy 8GB of RAM straight out and then you'll never need to worry about an upgrade. Or you can just be satisfied with the fact that 4GB of RAM will do everything pretty much just as well (not engineering, architecture, or graphical editing work) for the next couple years.

    I found that you'd need to spend a ton more

    That HDD is fine, but it is noticeably slower. The Samsung Spinpoint F3's keep up with Caviar Blacks on performance while being on the Caviar Blue price point.

    A 5850 is more powerful than a 6850 and the same price or cheaper:
    I suggested the 560Ti because it's a much better deal than the similarly performing 6950 on the websites I could find. Dual 6850's and especially 6870's would be crazy amazing performance for your pricerange.

    DO NOT GET A CHEAP PSU! Cheap PSU's are notoriously overrated (600W actually providing 300W is common) and do not provide clean stable power, which damages components. I am referring to manufacturer when I say "cheap". Stick to Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, Silverstone, or XFX unless you see a stellar review for your specific unit (see for examples). If you find a good deal on one of these manufacturers, you might get one of these "cheaply". If you want to Crossfire, you should get a $100 650W or $127 750W for more powerful graphics cards.

    OC'ing does take a lot of patience (although 1/10 as much with unlocked CPUs). Still, it's not really in your price range so it's not worth it.
  23. thanks dalauder, but i heard a rumor that the Asus P8P67-M-pro is the same as the Asus P8P67-Pro, this suspicion was proved when i went on the website and noticed that the 2 mobos were quite similar, the M was missing a few pci slots and didn't have blue tooth. i also saw that the M will also SLI, my main concern is: will the GTX560ti fit on the M board? (560 is 10 inches and the mobo is 9.6x9.6) or should i fork out a bit more and buy the non M (and a bit more on the PSU for SLI)
  24. It will fit in the board! The question is will it fit the case?
  25. the case i am thinking about will either be dalauder's suggestion or the TT dokker (depending on how much a decent PSU will cost me)
  26. It should fit both cases just as long as you do not mount a hard drive directly opposite it.
  27. okay thanks guys, here is final system, buying around midweek next week if there is something about my build you are not happy with please post before Wednesday

    Here is my Build:

    CPU: core i3-2100
    Mobo: Asus P8P67-M-Pro
    Graphics: Inno3D GTX560Ti
    Ram: 4g G.Skill Ripjaws-X 1600Mhz
    H.D: Samsung Spin point F3 500Gb
    Case: Thermaltake Dokker
    PSU: Antec Truepower 750w

    sorry dalauder, this system is way over the budget i mentioned above, but reading reviews on jonnyguru made me justify spending extra. i know i am only using 2 of the ram slots but will purchase another 4g kit as an upgrade down the line, same with the graphics card, may purchase another 560 down the line

    Thanks Guys
  28. Best answer selected by wenqi.
  29. The M designates that it's a Micro ATX board instead of ATX I think (just smaller for smaller cases, often with fewer expansion slots or sometimes fewer ports (like SATA).

    How much is the Thermaltake Dokker? If getting a cheaper case, another good 750W PSU for less, and the cheapest 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 you can find will save you $90, you should really get the i5-2500K for the best gaming performance. This is a bit over your initial budget, but if you're okay with that, you'll see it in performance.

    That ASUS mobo runs at 8x/8x in dual mode despite what mwave says (see Newegg

    But since it's $87 more, it is worth asking yourself if SLI is worth more to you than crossfire. You could instead get the cheaper motherboard with a 600W PSU and handle a 6950 2GB and a GT 240 down the line in crossfire.

    I'd go with i5-2500K w/ P67 8x/8x mobo, 750W PSU & GTX 560Ti. But you'd save $130 to go with an i3-2100 w/ H61 16x/4x mobo, 600W PSU & 6950 2GB. Then you could add an old GeForce for PhysX. If you can afford it, the top build is much better when you consider the second GTX 560Ti down the line.
  30. i selected the antec because it got a nice review from jonny, and the dokker is about $10 more than your case but i like the look of it and it has more spaces for fans. also it has bottom mounted PSU which they claim will make installation easier, oh by the way how much better is the 2500K?
  31. Take a look at these links to see for yourself:
    Keep in mind the i5-2500K easily overclocks to well over 4.0GHz so there will no longer be these situations where the CPU appears to bottleneck that's shown in these benchmarks. Clearly, the i5-2500K regularly enjoys a framerate advantage.,2859-10.html
    Even at stock speeds, you can expect minimum framerates to be 20% higher (172.8/143.3) with an i5-2400 (slower than the 2500). And if you're going to get an i5-2400, the i5-2500K is such a great deal on one of those sites you linked ($209) that you'd have to get that one. If you're getting a P67, an unlocked processor will go nicely with it.

    As far as your other choices, any Antec is fine for me (except maybe Basiqs) and if you like a case, go for it--just make sure it doesn't make you get a worse CPU or GPU.

    Although this rig is kinda excalating in price, it's awesomeness is excalating linearly still (without diminishing returns for each dollar you put in).
  32. i understand that the i5 is better than i3, but if i needed to factor in the i5 i would need to drop one of my components down. i was thinking, how power hungry is vista, cos i could drop 7 down to vista and budget in an i5. right now on MSY, they have vista on discount which would save me a bit over $50
  33. Nah, just get the i3. It's good. And if you want to upgrade down the line, you'll be able to drop something awesome in that P67 motherboard and overclock it.

    DO NOT GET VISTA! Vista just slows down your computer as a whole. It doesn't cut your speed in half or anything, but it does make everything feel sluggish. Use XP before Vista. PM sent.
  34. Okay, i will stick with the i3 and then buy an Ivy bridge (if backwards compatible) and another 560 as upgrades down the line down the line. also what will the bottleneck of this system be? i think it is the i3
  35. It's the i3 at low resolutions (below 1680x1050) and the 560 at high resolutions (above 1920x1080). But there isn't a game out there where the i3 should prevent you from having high playable framerates.
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