GTX560 or GTX480

I'm trying to tell my friend that a GTX560 is a better buy for gaming than a 480 but he won't have it, so I am making post here to show.
I know about some issues between the 560 OC editions and drivers but still...
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  1. It all depends, the 480 is a bit more powerful that the 560 TI (unless the 560Ti is overclocked, then it comes close to the 480 stock) but the 480 also uses ALOT of power and puts out ALOT of heat.

    My personal preference would be the 560Ti and OC the hell out of it.
  2. 480 is better in terms of pure power. 560Ti is nicer as it performs surprisingly well, OCs nicer, less heat, less power. If he's willing to spend enough to buy a 480, he should just buy a 570.
  3. I already own a gtx 480, but the temps are very high, and I was instrested in a new card.
  4. Yeah, it's really an odd comparison since they're at completely different price points. That being said, the GTX 480 should be immediately taken off the table. If you read the GTX 560 Ti review on Guru3D they include the 480 and 570 in the charts for Modern Warfare 2, Far Cry 2, Crysis Warhead, Metro 2033, Dirt 2, Bad Company 2, and 3DMark 11. In these 7 benchmarks the GTX 570 averages a 2% INCREASE in performance over the GTX 480 while also being $30 CHEAPER on Newegg, AND consuming less power, AND producing less heat...kind of a no brainer.

    Now, the 570 compared to the 560 in those same benchmarks offers a 17.6% increase in performance for a roughly $60 premium. All-in-all, it depends on how much performance your friend wants/needs and how he feels about mail-in-rebates...
  5. There's only a $30 difference between the 560 and 480 in the US? :O

    Here in sunny 'ol England, there's atleast a £60 difference between the two.
  6. Uh that doesn't make sense. A 480 is faster than a 560 but also a lot more expensive and less efficient. A 570 is roughly comparable to the 480 tho... so maybe your friend should get that?
  7. Well, 'my friend' is salkovich above.
  8. It makes sence to buy 480 only to SLI. If you want to replace a card, 570 is the way to go instead of 480.
  9. Quote:
    Maybe you didn't hear what i was saying. Overclocked 570's are BLOWING UP because they're not as strong as the 480's.

    Eh? This your only other post:

    560 is alittle faster then a 470. 480's a better card

    Your comments don't seem to make sense. Are you saying 570's are literally blowing up from overheating when overclocked? Cuz I haven't heard anything about that. Anyways, we know the 480 is a better card than the 560...just hotter and more power hungry...most of us are recommending a move to 570 if he just wants to lower temps and power usage.
  10. Quote:
    No im saying 570s vrms are blowing up when you overclock because the single power phase is too weak. Do a google search

    Huh...well it seems that the people who blew up their cards did so because they disabled the OCP. Anyways, it seems the easy solution would be to buy from a manufacturer that uses a custom PCB with more power phases.
  11. The 480 is only a few percent better in performance, but the 560 has better cooling, and is still way cheaper. The only way I would get a 480 is if I got a Gigabyte GTX 480 SOC or MSI Lightning with a nice, quiet cooler and factory overclock. But those are nearly the price of a GTX 580.
  12. Quote:
    How many cards on the market do you think actually increase the power phase? You willing to bet 350 dollars you pick the correct one?

    Lots of manufacturers use their own PCB's and you can usually find a review of specific models that go in depth in the tech specs. Tom's just ran that article on the 5 overclocked 560 Ti's and on the very first page you can find a table that lists the number of power phases for each card (varying from 4 to 7), so it's not impossible...
  13. bikeracer4487 said:
    Huh...well it seems that the people who blew up their cards did so because they disabled the OCP. Anyways, it seems the easy solution would be to buy from a manufacturer that uses a custom PCB with more power phases.

    I have been able to find 8 instances of people who blew up their cards, all but one it seems have disabled OCP, ...... all of them on "extreme overclocking" oriented sites.

    Here's an example ..... total system power draw went from 340 to 525 watts when he over volted .....

    Since the peeps I'm building for are not running are and not cooling to -50C and not disabling current protections, I'm not gonna worry about my phone ringing from peeps complaining about dead GFX cards. I see this as akin to BIOS flashing the 6950's ..... proceed at your own risk.
  14. vote for GTX560 for obvious reason. but GTX480 is not totally a bad card though. people may complain about it's power, heat and noise but it did perform great in games
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