Help choosing my PSU

Hi people, I ask for help in choosing the right PSU for me

I will be running an i3 2100 processor, one hard drive, one blu-ray, might add another hard drive later, and most importantly a Saphhire Radeon HD 6850.
I've heard that a quality 550w can handle this, but yet I would like a 600w or perhaps even a 700w one.

My options are this:

Corsair CX600:
43A on the 12v rail
enough connectors for me
The disadvantage of this is that I don't live in the US and theres none available at the stores I know, so I'd have to order one in Amazon and pay $20 for shipping.

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w:
50A on 2 12v rails (25A each)
again enough connectors for me
$75, but neither this one is available over here, so its the same situation as above

CoolerMaster Extreme Power Plus 550w
36A on 12v rails (18A each)
more than enough connectors
$65, but theres a store in my city, this would be perfect, the only thing that concerns me is if theres enough power for my computer.

I know Corsair is the most reliable of the three, but the other two have good reviews as well, and both have guarantee, so that is not a problem.

Thanks in advance
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  1. 500 watt would be more than sufficient for you. I would look for a 500 watt in your area from Corsair, Antec, or Thermaltake and save the shipping. Any PSU's from those manufacturers should work really nicely in your system and will support most future expansion you would be doing. (Even the stuff you haven't even though of yet)

    Also, I've had really good luck with Cooler Master power supplies so, if it's the best deal, go for that one. They seem quite solid. I only sold mine for a Corsair but that's because my system out grew it, not because it had problems.
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