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What is a good cpu swap for toshiba satellite l305d-s5928 that will just swap an

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July 28, 2011 7:26:51 PM

Im a nube with this computer stuff but very interested in maximizing performance via hardware swap. Im definatly not confident enough to mess with software type stuff. I've read a lot of discussions on this site that have helped me learn a lot about computer hardware but there's just some things no one seems to be able to assist me with. I've already ordered 4gb(2x2gb, 800Mhz) for extra ram memory, a 60Gb SSD from crucial but I've still got lag, freeze, and just straight crummy performance. Assistance, please?
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July 29, 2011 2:44:23 AM

Set your memory timings, speeds, and voltages in the BIOS. Also, it is very likely the configuration you are working with will not benefit from a SSD. If it is an older system, it may be a waste. Please post specs and we can try to direct you further. But, the memory timings and CPU setting sound like where your problem lies. Also, you will want to set your SATA controller to AHCI mode. It is probably currently on IDE...which is bad for SSD optimization. Finally, if you imaged your original drive onto your SSD, you will want to wipe the SSD and start with a fresh install. It is likely you had a "dirty" image after trying multiple configurations.

As for the CPU you're looking for, try the above options first, I'll look for mobo/cpu compatibility in the mean time.

Edit: If you haven't had a reasonable amount of computer building experience, swapping in a new processor is pretty much out of the question. Laptops often do not have options to upgrade processors easily and, even if your did, it is unlikely you would succeed to to inexperience. More novice users damage perfectly good laptops by trying to "fix" something they thought was wrong inside. If you still feel teh need to proceed, take caustion and I take NO liability/responsibility for any work you do. You are looking for an AMD mobile processor. AMD Turion™ 64 X2. It appears you currently have a TL-62 2100 MHz (512 KiB L2-Cache per core) processor. Your upgrade options would be one of these:

TL-64 2200 MHz (512 KiB L2-Cache per core)
TL-66 2300 MHz (512 KiB L2-Cache per core)
TL-68 2400 MHz (512 KiB L2-Cache per core)

But, it will take patience, careful planning, and a steady hand to successfully track-down and replace your laptops CPU. Look up "TL-68" one eBay and you should find some for cheap. That should give ya some fun. Again, I stress that I do not take responsibility for YOUR actions on YOUR gear, I'm simply suggesting ideas. I do not know if they will work. I CAN NOT be held liable nor responsible for damages you cause.
April 5, 2014 6:01:19 PM

Hello there, this has been idle for a while and you probably already swapped your cpu or pc by now. I have a L305D-S5900 and I've upgraded the cpu in it to the TL-64 from the TK-57. Posted the results here on the forum. If you get a chance look it up.