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hi, i want to buy a motherboard for my self and i am stucked between these two motherboards it is getting difficult for me to decide to buy which one

motherboards are:

" Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H " and Asrock Z77-Extreme6

i am a hardcore multitasker and an extensive gamer but on the other hand i am also a very busy man , and i want a very stable motherboard whos BIOS gives me no issue nither i need to update it nor any hang issue or freeze i just cant bear restarts and such other annoying issues
my only pirority is continous stability . kindly advise me to buy which one please

i have planned following hardware for these motherboards

i7 2600k , 500GB 16mb cache HDD , inoo3D gtx550ti 2GB, 1333mhz kingston 8gb RAM, 600 watts coolermaster silent pro PSU, Antec 300 , coolermaster hyper 212EVO cpu cooler ,

thanks in advance.
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  1. 1600mhz ram

    i lean towards asrock
  2. neon neophyte said:
    1600mhz ram

    i lean towards asrock

    bro do these Asrock motherboards provide stable platform .i have heard many issues regarding the stability of these mobos it seems that asrock is just pileing up its mobos with new technology and improved functionality disragrding of its stability performance

    many asrock victims complain " dr debug issues' boot faliurs , Bios faliure Bios crash and many more where as the compny states that the mobos are provided with "CRASH FREE bIOS"

    please justify it ...
  3. because i push my system to all hell and only ever reboot for system updates? i leave my computer running for weeks with no problems. never have i had a system so stable yet being pushed so hard. its built on an asrock board.

    my opinion is your best chance of hitting 5ghz on sandy (stable) is with an asrock

    its just one mans experience though, take it with a grain of salt
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