Gtx580 and 3 monitors

Quick question, is it possible to hook up 3 monitors to 1 gtx 580.

1 monitor with HDMI and 2 monitors with normal DVI
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  1. I thought you need SLI to do 3 monitors with Nvidia... let me try googling


  2. ^+1. @wolfram23 is right. You need at least a 2-way SLI configuration for NV Surround.
  3. You need another 580GTX. Fermi chips can only support two outputs at once as opposed to current AMD chips which are designed to support up to 6 different outputs. If you want to know why, anandtech has a pretty interesting article on the development of eyefinity.
  4. If you want to use an nivida crad you'll need one with dual GPU's or run 2 of the same cards in SLI
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