Is Phenom II X4 945 a good upgrade from 9850

like the title says would it be much of an upgrade going from a Phenom X4 9850@2.5ghz to a Phenom II X4 945@3.0GHz
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  1. i noticed the 9850 only has 2mb of l3 cache where as the 945 has 6mb how much of a difference does that make
  2. My best guess would be 2-6% but it may be less. The main advantage is not in the cache but the MHz and the newer tech.
  3. so overall what would be a better upgrade going from the phenom 9850 to phenom II 945 or going from ati 5670(512mb) to gtx 550ti amp i was planning on getting the video card once my one rebate comes which should be soon but then i seen newegg had the phenom 945 for like $110 with $15 off
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