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I have 3 LED 21.5in monitors. They each have a DVI and HDMI input. The monitors have no speakers. This computer will be a new build. I have until at least next month to decide, until the new SB motherboards are out. The price HAS to be under $200. I don't do any gaming, but I do a lot of HD video streaming. I watch a lot of HD streamed video and DVD's but no blue ray. I also run a ton of stock graphing software, but I don't think that would bug down the video card too much.

Relevant Computer Specs: (To Be)

Processor: 2600 or 2600k
Ram: 4 x 4gb 1333 (unless i get the 2600k and I OC it)
Case: Antec DF-30, 902 V3 or one of the HAF's (Mid Tower)
PS: looking for a 750. Don't want to have to go higher but I will if I need to. I know the Radeon's are much more energy efficient and if I get 2 cards of anything I will need to open the wallet here.

I have a few questions about which graphics card to get:

Do they make cards with 3 HDMI's?

If I end up in crossfire/SLI would it be better to convert from DVI or from DisplayPort if I don't have enough HDMIs? Or just run from DVI alone?

Does GeForce have any software for this or do I have to stick to Radeons EyeFinity?

Currently, I am looking into the HD 5830. XFX has 2 of them right now for $145 and $130 with rebates. I'm not even sure if these will work but I just like them and XFXs lifetime warranty. I'm not sure if I need the features of the more expensive one What I don't understand:

Do I need DirectX 11 or will one of the 10 versions work?

Is OpenGl 3.2 important? or OpenGl in general?

RAMDAC??? I have no idea here.

RoHS Compliant? This has no effect on the product outside of the materials used to make it right?

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  1. Just say no to the 5830. Anyway, for AMD cards you will need at least one Active Displayport Adapter. The only exception is the Saphire 5770 flex which basically has an active adapter built in. AMD has a page of approved adapters for eyefinity somewhere on their site. If you're not gaming then you may want to just get a 6850 and an active display adapter. A 6850 should be more than enough unless you want to run some modeling software or something.
  2. I believe this is the link you are referencing:

    Why not the 5830? Is it not powerful enough? Is it the ports? It has 2 DVI 1 DP and 1 HDMI. Can't I run the two DVI's and the HDMI?
  3. Does this not apply to your monitors?

    " A maximum of 2 legacy monitors (VGA, DVI or HDMI) can be enabled simultaneously, provided that each monitor is connected either directly or via a “passive” DisplayPort™ adapter/dongle. “Passive” adapters/dongles will NOT support more than 2 legacy monitors."

    So you can't use your 3 monitors with the 5830 or most other cards. This is why theSaphire 5770 flex exists...
  4. Buy the Radeon HD 5870 because it's a steal for $179 after rebate. This deal ends in 7 hours! It's a Shellshocker.
    Check on the monitor connectors though because this one does display port. But in terms of bang for your buck, this blows everything else out of the water and could probably handle gaming on all three monitors. Like megamanx00 said, you need to check if you need adapters.
  5. That is an AMAZING deal!!! Only if the Sandy Bridge motherboards were back out... I can't have it sitting in a box for over a month not knowing if it works or not. Great look though! Can anyone else answer the other questions?
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