XFX Radeon 5870 card - please help

Hi all
i`m Having a problem with the XFX Radeon 5870 card. I`m thaing to conect it throug HDMI cable to the 24" Full HD Samsung monitor. The problem is in resolution 1920x1080 can`t display full size picture on the screen. It`s showing 22 inches picture with 1"thick black border. Any ideas Thanks
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  1. You might need to install monitor drivers or else go into CCC and check the overscan/underscan options.
  2. good man i`m tryng to install drivers now. But ther is one more wee problem
    my card is showing green pixels all ove the place on the screen ( grey and dark colours) is means this card is f...ed or ther is simple solution, Thanks for your help
  3. That depends. If they're permanently there I would say it's stuck pixels on the monitor itself. Easy enough to check by plugging into any other monitor or TV you may have access to. But if it's artifacting then that would unfortnately generally indicate an issue with the GPU. Does it happen in Windows or only in certain games?
  4. Games and windows and the pixels appear in different places and moving all the time.
    About the size I`he install monitor drivers but is steel the same what you mean go into CCC and check the overscan ?

  5. If you installed the 11.2 drivers from AMD Radeon (ATI) then it would have installed Catalyst Control Center. In there you can find an option regarding the monitors that allows you to adjust overscan. That might be what you need.

    As for the pixels tho, that sounds like a faulty GPU. Any chance of recording a video of it? You can upload to youtube or photobucket or something like that.
  6. Are you sure the monitor supports 1080p?

    sounds liek the issue that often comes with an incorrect resolution.
  7. I'ts samsung bx2450 and says on the box full hd any way
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