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Hello, I will begin with- I am no computer genius! We have a home based business and are looking to upgrade our old computer (7 year old to be precise). In our work, speed is key. we bid for jobs and have lost out due to a slow computer, prone to freezing up. I also do our paperwork (filing invoices, emails, etc) and I am wondering what will give me the speed and storage i need- dual core or the i5? I am looking at 1 each of these. The dual core is nearly $200 cheaper. From my earlier statement, you can see whatever we choose will be used for a LONG time. Which way should i go?
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  1. Generally i5s are always alot better bit there are alot of different models of each including some Pentium dual cores that are 5 years old. i5s come in 1st and second generation and can be dual or quad core. Which models are you comparing?
  2. Pentinum 4 were introduced in 2000. .. there's been release of Celeron, Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad, Core i3/i5/i7, and now Sandy Bridge i3/i5/i7. The Pentinum is a few generations behind. Although, I heard there's a sandy bridge version of pentinum g620 recently released. They are trying to revive it.
  3. Generally speaking for office related work a dual core Core i3 should be more than enough for you needs. The quad core Core i5 is indeed more powerful than the Core i3, but if you are only concerned with using programs like Excel, e-mail, QuickBooks, Word, etc., then the Core i3 CPU should be fine for your needs while saving around $40 - $100 depending on exactly which Core i3 and i5 you are comparing.

    Core i5 is better if you are doing heavy multi-tasking. But if you don't mind spending the few extra dollars then get the Core i5 for better "future proofing".
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