System Reboots - power supply or something else?

I've posted about this a couple times in the past month or two, but the steps I've taken apparently weren't sufficient - still experiencing random system reboots every once in a while (mostly while gaming), accompanied by a kernel-power 41 error message in event log. Message states that the system has restarted due to it becoming unresponsive, crashing, or lacking sufficient power.

Originally thought it may be a temperature issue, but my CPU temps idle around 19C and stay under 35C during load, and my GPU never goes above 52C. After posting a second time here I concluded it must be the power supply as it was an off brand, with low wattage, but have since upgraded substantially and the problem just resurfaced (while only browsing internet). System specs as follows:

Phenom II X4 925 2.8GHz
CM Hyper 212+ Cooler
8 GB PNY DDR3 1333 MHz
Sapphire 6950 2GB w/ unlocked shaders
ASRock M3A770DE Mobo
Seagate 500GB 7200 HD
G Skill Sniper 60GB SSD (boot)
ThermalTake Toughpower XT TPX-775W (Upgraded from Apevia Java 650W)
3 x 120mm Case fans

Have also run memtest a couple times with no errors reported. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks for the help
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  1. Can anyone offer any tips/suggestions? Could it be the outlet my PC is plugged into? The power good signal indicator on my power supply has changed from green to orange as well.
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