Dropped Monitor: Repair?

I dropped my monitor today. Now it has a couple of marks on the screen (one looks like like a little silver blotch and the other looks like a sliver of something peeled). As best I can tell these marks are not on the surface. Can it be fixed? The monitor seems to work fine otherwise at this point.
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  1. Can you post pictures of the problem? It is likely that there is an internal crack on the panel or a scratch but, there are a plethora of things to go wrong that sound like what you posted. And without seeing, we have no idea what it may be...
  2. Since I posted that, I was actually able to fix those marks by wiping and gently rubbing a clean eraser over them. I'm still not sure if it was something with the screen or something pixel-related, but the eraser fixed it.
  3. Great to hear!! Enjoy your savings.
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