Faulty router?? Need some help

Hey guys,

Just recently my router was working fine and today, I went on my desktop and the Internet was not connected, this was not the case before. I am writing this on a laptop right now and I can only network through wireless and not Ethernet. I'd like it if you guys helped me out!

Thankesssssss :):)
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  1. And btw I just tried connecting straight from my modem and it wouldn't work, but wireless does:S sorry for double post
  2. Sounds like your Network Interface Card (Ethernet Port) has gone AWOL. Check Device Manager. Might just be a driver issue or a resource clash.

    Anyway, replacement with a new PCI card is simple and cheap.
  3. Yea I'll check but I have two computers that have the same problem same time.
  4. Hmmm says all devices are working properly, when I plug it in straight from the modem, my other computer says it is just renewing the ip agrees the whole time. My main computer is a little to far away for an Ethernet cable. So I have a felling it might the modem, but I'm not sure
  5. I think I would try the usual router cures:

    Turn off power for 5 minutes. Turn on again.
    Press reset (see full manual for reset options/times)

    See if problem goes away.
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