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Looking For A Motherboard

Does anybody know a motherboard with a GeForce mGPU and 2 PCIe x16 with a LGA775 Socket?
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  1. Look for motherboards with "nForce" chipsets. They should have what you are looking for. There doesn't seem to be any documentation regarding ther specifics you mentiond but, I would guess nForce is what you're looking for. Also, if the preceding "m" isn't a typo, you are probably referring to a "mobile" chipset. In that case, no, you can't get what you're looking for. Period. If it is a typo, look up what I mentioned. Gigabyte had a nice selection of nForce 775 mobo's several years back. eBay should be a great source to find them but I never had great performance out of nvidia mobo chipsets. I always go Intel NB and SB. Look for a P35 or P45 if you want to get solid operation.
  2. Hello, mmm actually no, it is call a mGPU, acording to wikipedia

    Beginning with the nForce 4, nVidia has included onboard graphics solutions in their motherboard chipsets. These onboard graphics solutions are called mGPUs (motherboard GPUs). As technology progressed, Nvidia developed a break-through mobile GPU called the NVidia ION graphics processor. The ION GPU can deliver 1080p video without lag or video tearing. ION video evidence

    I actually look for it in nvidia too

    And yes I actually find a nForce with a LGA775 and 2x PCIe x16 but without GeForce, its just that I want a motherboard that i can buy right now without a GPU Card, and I actually found one but it was a uATX and it just had a 1x PCIe x16 so I can't do a SLI with two GPU Cards (Obviously this I will do it later when I have more money) but for now I just want a motherboard with a GeForce so i can do some gaming with a emulator and maybe NFS Most wanted and still have the option to do a SLI with Two GPU Cards

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    Your best bet is to pick up a cheap vid. card. Very few Full ATX motherboards have integrated graphics, especially nForce. Also, by getting an nVidia chipset, you will not see much greater performance versus integrated Intel graphics. They both suck, it's integrated graphics, but, just about anything should work with older emulators (GBA, PS1, n64, NES, etc...). But, if you buy a nicer board with 2 pci-e x16 with no integrated, get a cheap GTS 8400 or something (Like, $20 on eBay) you will be FAR further ahead without spending anything more than but you think you need to be looking for.

    Also, It appears the mGPU you desire is only avaliable on mATX motherboards. (From nVidia site) and also, the chipset only supports one PCI-Express x16 card. (i.e. won't work with 2 at x8.). Not to burst your bubble but it doesn't appear to be possible. If you find a board for it, post a link but I highly doubt they are around. The chipset dosen't seem to support it thus, a board couldn't do such. That is what the "PCI Express Configuration 1x16 + 4x1" means on the specifications of the chipset nVidia posts.
  4. Yeah tought so to, well, I guess that's imposible, oh well, I'll just have to settle with the uATX and GeForce, then buy the nForce with the SLI later so I can put 2 GeForce GTX 590, I aslo look if there was a RADEON solution but no luck, even an AMD socket way but still no luck, so well I guess it's imposible, thanks anyway, I will post the image of the mobo when I get it :D
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