Stalemate between ASUS and Gigabyte Z77 motherboards

Im stuck on deciding on what motherboard I should get. The expert reviews should really help me decide once the new CPUs are out. I don't plan on buying untill I have a 3770K on hand.

Im looking at an Asus P8-Z77-V


Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD5H

Both seem to be excellent boards, but each one has features I like, but the other one doesn't have.

What makes me want the Gigabyte is that I currently have a Gigabyte GA-890 FXA-UD5 for my AMD 965. It's reliable and I have some faith to GB company.
Cheaper than the ASUS and onboard LED debug. Dual BIOS (can't go wrong with that :D) and a mSATA connector for future upgrades. 3 USB 3.0 expansion ports

The ASUS is a little more expensive, but It has built in wireless (although I have a USB wireless stick) and one feature that I want to see in action is the WI FI go. You can use your tablet on your PC. I currently have an ASUS transformer TF-101. It's a feature I think is too good to be true. I'm thinking I can see my desktop from my tablet and do what I want. I'll have to see a review, or do you know more?
Also has 2 CPU fan headers for a 2 fan CPU cooler.

Also do you think my current CPU cooler. A Zalman CNPS 9900 120mm will keep the 3770K cool? My 965 runs at 30C idle. 44C max.
1156 bracket is the same as 1155, but mines is an older model cooler and there is no backplate included, so im a little worried about that since it's a big chunk of copper.
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  1. If you are going to overclock then go with ASUS.

    I haven't faced a single problem with my ASUS builds (yet) since 2005.
  2. I use the Zalman 9900max and it does a great job.

    Personally, I've never had an ASUS board fail me, but as far as I know the WIFI Go feature is new and exclusive to Z77 so you can't ask anyone about how well it works unless you can find a review that includes testing that function. I've seen a lot of people on here that use Gigabyte and are happy with it, some of them as loyal to it as I am to ASUS. I'm pretty sure you can contact Zalman and they'll send you whatever parts you need for 1155, but the newer ones come with backplate.
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