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Case Airflow

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July 28, 2011 11:43:09 PM

Im currently using a Thermaltake Xaser VI Full ATX tower. For specifics on this case you can refer to this link.

Ive had this case for over a year now and it has served me well. I enjoy the case for both the aesthetic appeal as well as the usability and expandability. What Ive started considering is the negatives/positives of the mesh siding, front, and top of the case. It was featured with plexiglass side panels as well but I appreciated the look of the mesh finish instead. My fan layout is as follows: 1 front intake fan, 2 bottom intake fans, 1 top exhaust fan, 1 rear exhaust fan. Additional cooling specifics include a FrioOCK CPU cooler, the top mounted power supply which draws air down and out the back of the case, as well as the modified EVGA DS graphics fan arrangement which takes in air from the bottom (*physical layout, in actuality it would be the top of the card) and displaces it out the sides and back of the card.

The question that Im a bit torn about is whether the mesh, open air type chassis is benifiting the cooling inside the case, or hurting the overall temperature regulation. All case fans have CFM ratings well above 80, and I have physically felt around and all of the airflow is reaching the components with substantial force even with the semi open air case. My temperatures arent anything appalling (in fact Ive run the computer without the case fans running and still found myself within acceptable temperature readings), my main question is that is it worth it to do some light case mods to seal off meshed areas for improved direct airflow. I do hold my own opinion but Im looking for some more opinions and possibly some hard facts people can dig up.

Thanks and all help is appreciated.

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July 29, 2011 12:05:19 AM

Personally, I do not feel sealing OFF mesh areas will achieve what you want. I would recommend putting light "foam" that will act as a filter in ALL the mesh areas though. It likely has a very thin foam in already. Look for something a bit thicker/denser that won't eliminate the air movement but will decrease the excess air throughput in your chassis. Similar questions to this float around in the server arena all the time. Is it better to leave spacers in or take them out? I'll have more space for movement without but, will it cause problems, etc...

I never like to see opening sealed off in cases unless it will be strictly regulated however, adding more resistance will allow better control and less cool air to simply blow out of the case before it even reaches components.

Just my opinion though, wait for others opinions to get more wise answers.
July 29, 2011 12:11:03 AM

Thanks for the reply puttsy. There isnt any foam on the mesh, nor was there any when first bought. I personally lean towards not closing off openings as well, and foam in my case would be more of a dust-free approach if anything. I will take foam into consideration. Hope to hear some more replies soon, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.