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Need Corsair RAM---Can I Mix Value Select with Regular?

Hi. I have a Corsair VALUE SELECT VS1GB400C3 1GB PC-3200 NON-ECC DDR 184PIN DIMM in my system right now. I need more RAM this second, but can only afford one stick right now. Should I get another exact same model, or can I mix this with a regular Corsair Memory VS1GB400C3 1 GB PC-3200 400MHz 184-pin DDR Desktop Memory stick?

Like I said, I can only afford one stick right now, otherwise I would buy two of the regular ones.

I am running a P4 Dual-Core 3.4mghz on an Asus P5P800 mobo with XP.(I know it's old but I am building a new system later this year.)

Thanks for any help.
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    Preferable to use identical RAM. OTOH, tyhe part number of the second DIMM is identical. It should work.

    At the worse, you may need to tweak the memory settings.
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