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Computer Making Strange Beeping Noises

Ever since i got my motherboard(this one ) When i plug in headphones or speakers i get a weird static and beeping noise in one ear and i don't really know why. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it?
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  1. yes, your computer is trying to contact you. you must teach it english to understand
  2. Oh thank god i thought it was aliens trying to talk to me, that would be creepy. I guess i should get started on teaching my computer how to speak english then. Thanks for the help!!!
  3. or it could be the dead trying to contact you, static noise
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    Make sure no other electrical devices are around your computer than could cause interference.

    Usually a mobile phone is the prime culprit.

    Check out this article, there's even a sound clip which might relate to what your hearing:
  5. Thank you adrian, for a real answer I will try that.
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