8800M GTS thermal limit

Does anyone happen to know what the thermal reset threshold is for a GeForce 8800M GTS? I have a laptop with that GPU and I've experienced unexpected shutdowns as well as 95C GPU temps around the same time that the shutdowns occurred. I'm just wondering if the thermal limit was exceeded and the GPU shut itself down because of that.
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  1. That is quite hot and you are right, this is a problem. I suggest you go to this website (below) to see if your make/model of laptop/notebook is part of a NVidia Class Action Lawsuit to see if you are eligible for repairs/replacement.

    Also, verify that your CPU/GPU (some are combined, some are separate) heatsink fans are actually working and that the intake and exhaust ports are clean. A blast of canned air will clean them out nicely.

  2. It's a Gateway and I've checked the list and it's not listed. I also have a feeling that it's more of an issue with the heatsink and thermal paste, rather than a chip defect because IIRC it was the G84 and G86 GPUs that had the problem, while my GPU is listed as G92.

    The fans do work and we have cleaned the heatsink quite thoroughly with canned air. The one thing I may still have to do is to open it up remove the stock heatsink and reapply thermal paste and do an even more thorough cleaning.

    Overall this laptop has been a pain to deal with. Currently the audio chipset isn't working correctly, and the latop has randomly shutdown quite often in the past. We even had the motherboard replaced just in case it was a faulty GPU.

    I used to be a pretty big Gateway fan, but it seems like ever since Acer bought them out the quality of their PCs and especially their customer support has tanked. That why I ditched OEM PCs and built the one in my sig. :)
  3. I totally understand your frustration. You can try the thermal paste option, but don't expect a miracle. An overheating GPU is often the precursor to a failing/defective mobo in notebooks, especially those of dubious quality.

    Given that the audio sub-system is flaky, I really think you have an overall system failure in the near future. Sorry for your hassles.

    Good luck!
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