Need help returning the 560 ti back to regular clock.

Yeah so I need a bit of help returning the clock speed on my gigabyte gtx 560 ti back to it factory clock speed.
The gigabyte card comes factory overclocked and I've been having real issues gaming with it. eg. frame rate of less than 20 fps in SC2 under weak stress. Ive been working the nvidia forums and many ppl seem the have the same problem with this card and suggest returning it to reg clock speeds.
Good program/ suggestions to get me started would be great. I can do mild CPU OCing in the BIOS but I've never done GPU before.
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    This is the latest version of Afterburner, which will allow you to underclock your video card:
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  3. Don't forget to also install Kombustor, which is bundled with that Afterburner download. Kombustor is a stress test benchmark similar to Furmark.
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