Broken usb ports on MSI P67A C43

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  1. Guessing you've had this board for awhile. Is the motherboard still functioning? If you're past warranty, can't RMA it. If you are, do that. If not, but your system still runs, get USB PCI or PCI-e card.
  2. sorry for no details.. the mobo is almost new but i cant RMA(im from Cuba). The first time i use it the usb 2.0 ports works perfectly but later they stop working. The usb 3.0 ports are still working. I tried reinstall OS, upgrading BIOS, reinstall chipset drivers and nothing works.. please help me
  3. i saw you have a msi gtx 550 ti. i recently bought a evga 550 ti but i have not tested yet. tell me a little about this card ad its performance please.
  4. I just noticed I posted to your other thread for the same issue. Let's just stick to this thread from now on. What devices are you trying to use, and how many different devices? Have you taken a single USB device, like your mouse and tried to plug into each one, one at a time, to see if only one of them is failing?

    Regarding the MSI 550ti, my friend uses that same one and to be honest, I just liked the looks of it and like MSI so on his recommendation I gave it a shot. I'm not a gamer at all, so I knew it could handle anything I was doing. I just wanted a good low cost card because I didn't want to put the extra work on my CPU by using integrated graphics. The EVGA is best rated version of the 550ti, so depending on the intensity of the games you're playing you should be fine. My friend plays all of the big name popular games and I've never heard him say the card couldn't handle it.
  5. ok, thanks for the tip about 550 ti, i tried keyboards, flash drives and mouses..
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