Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Gaming Mobo?

this is obviously a HUGE question in everyones mind. With computers, i think it is best to usually stay away from something BRAND NEW. BUT i heard intel has been demoing these ivy bridge processors for quite some time. Meaning maybe it would be pretty safe to get an Ivy bridge this early. But heres my next question, either way sandy or ivy, WHAT MOTHERBOARD TO I GET. THERE IS SOOOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. and i have no clue what the difference between them are. like the P67 and a P77 or something. whats the difference, and what one do i want for gaming?

i know a decent amount about computers, so if someone explained to me what these different numbered motherboards meant i should be able to understand what your saying and realize what mobo would be best for me.

thanks guys
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  1. If I would be buying now, I'll go with the new chipset now.
  2. so those "Z67" and "Z77" in motherboard names just mean newer chipsets? and what motherboard would you get if you were buying one for a gaming build right this second?
  3. Not only that, but the mobo is build with latest greatest because it is the new stuff.

    But it is tailored for the IB to get the max advantage.

    Read this Intel’s Z77 Express And Lucidlogix MVP: New Features For Gamers

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