How to run evga gtx 465 with 500w psu

Hello, can I run EVGA GTX 465 card with cooler master 500 Watt extreme power PSU
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  1. So long as you only have one 465 and the PSU has the correct amount of PCI-E power connectors, then yes you are fine.
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    I would tend to agree with Griffolion, but if you want to be really safe, there's a great PSU Calculator here:

    EDIT: Also, I know this question is regarding a graphics card upgrade, but in the future the PSU category would be a better fit for this question.
  3. Yes you can.
    Your psu is far from the best.
    It's inefficient and noisy!
    But you'll soon find out especially with a 465.
  4. Thanks for the help i have bought new cooler master GX 750 Watt PSU as you all suggested.
  5. Thanks
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