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I'm writing with a troubleshooting question. I just got an ASUS M597A, an AM3+ 8100 Zambezi CPU, GeForce GTS 550 and Muskin 4gb DDR3 ram. I can't seem to get the dang thing to boot.

All components, fans and drives seem to power up and I get a single beep from the motherboard (which indicates that the motherboard found no problems), but I can't seem to get past the boot screen.

It just shows the ASUS logo with the text "Please press DEL to enter the UFEI BIOS setup" or something along those lines.

Pressing delete does nothing, and the CPU starts to build up a rather significant amount of heat considering the fact that it should be idle.

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks in advance.
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  1. Is your keyboard plugged into one of the blue USB ports on the back of the board?
    Move it to one of the normal black (2.0) ports and restart. You have to load drivers before you can use the USB3.0 ports.
  2. I think I've narrowed it down to the harddrive. The M5A97 supports 6gb/s SATA, but I'm still using one of the older SATA drives and cables. Problem is that no matter what configuration I use, I can't seem to get into the bios. If I remove all hard drives, then I can boot into bios just fine and even use a Windows 7 boot CD.

    Without the drive though, its all pretty useless. Looking into a newer hard drive.
  3. Is your hard drive rated as SATA 6gb/s?

    You can't get it to boot connected to a 3g SATA port?
    You'd probably have to load the OS and install drivers to make use of 6g ports.

    I know you said no matter what configuration you use.....but just trying to cover all areas.
  4. I got it up and running. It was an incredibly odd process, but here is what I found:

    I unplugged the hard drive and just left the DVD drive in. After booting up into the bios and running off of a boot CD, I plugged in the hard drive and Windows was able to recognize it. Windows gave an error saying that the hard drive's controller was not enabled in the bios.

    I reformatted the hard drive and restarted. Now the BIOS would recognize it, and subsequently Windows was able to install on it.
  5. Hey, whatever works right?
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