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Hello, Im looking for a low profile vga cooler for my asus hd radeon 5570 ddr3. Any suggestion?
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  1. What is wrong with the stock LP cooler?
  2. The stock cooler makes a lot of noise. I bought this for my HTPC, but hadn't realised the level of noise the fan make. Hence the reason why I'm after an aftermarket low noise cooler that would my card.
  3. Ah, well that might make it a little difficult.

    First off, is your system in a low profile chassis or are you only looking for a cooler that is compatible with your GPU?

    If all you need is a silent cooler, I would look into a cooler like the Ac Accelero S1 Rev.2.
    It will unfortunately only fit into a full height chassis but can easily passively cool your GPU.

    If you need a cooler for a low profile chassis you may be out of luck.
    You could try something like a Zalman VF700 but I am not sure if it is truly low profile or not.
    If the option is available, you may be better off returning your current card and getting a Passively Cooled Version.
  4. The case I think has enough height about 266mm High. Its a thermaltake A30 case.

    I originally got the card for a mini ITX, but ended buying a mirco atx, and returning is not an option im afraid.

    I quiet like the idea of passive cooling (AC Accelero S1 Rev2) But, do you think this will house the four holes in my card, meaning distance between the holes on my GPU will match the distances on the AC Accelero S1 Rev2 cooler? or are the holes on the card a standard distance apart?
  5. Yeah, looking at a review for your case there seems to be plenty of room for an oversized cooler.

    As for the cooler itself, there are several different standard mounting distances.
    According at least to This Thread, one of those standard distances is covered by the Accelero.

    Be aware that you may need to install this cooler with no or custom spacers.
    Apparently the newer AMD dies are a bit thinner than what this cooler was originally designed for.
    Be sure to install it once without thermal paste to check if there is a gap before instillation.

  6. Brilliant! Thanks outlw6669. I might take the risk with this. Hope it works. But yes in essence, my GPU will look like the posted thread. Small gpu with a large heatsink.

    Many thanks
  7. No problem.
    If you run into any issues just drop a post!
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