What is the difference between these two power supplies?


After reading many good reviews, I was just about to order the XFX Black Edition 750w PSU from amazon, see here:


When I glanced over the customer review, which reads:

"I bought this PSU on the back of excellent reviews that the XFX power supplies have been receiving on the internet.

I was surprised however when I received a unit with a black fan rather than the radioactive green fan. After a lot of research before putting it in to my computer I found that the black fanned units are just the updated version of the green fanned ones. The unit I received is the XFX PRO series XXX edition semi modular PSU."

So basically he received this PSU, the XFX PRO 750W :


Now he seems to think the second PSU I linked there (the PRO) is just the updated version of the Black Edition, but I cant find any proof on that? If you look at the model numbers, P1-750B-NLG9 and P1-750S-NLB9 respectively, they are pretty similar. But what worries me the most is that the second PSU is cheaper! I dont want to order what I have read is one of the best PSU's and get a worse one....for more money!

So does anyone know the mystery behind this, what is the actual difference between these two PSUs?
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  1. XFX Black Edition 750w PSU : Modular Hybrid, 80 PLUS SILVER, Support SLI jonnyguru

    XFX PRO 750W : Non Modular , 80 PLUS BRONZE Jonnyguru
  2. The difference in efficiency is trivial. Both have the necessary cables to support SLI or Crossfire. The main functional difference is the PRO does not have modular cables.

    Both are excellent PSU's. Your decision should be whether or not the modular cables are worth 20 pounds. For me, it wouldn't be.
  3. Yep, I would agree, modular is worth the extra cash!

  4. XFX did update the black edition, the black edition PSUs are now known as Pro XXX edition units, similar to how the 650W unit was termed, they appear to have pulled the glow in the dark fans from these units and it seems they are saving the Black Edition name for their new fully modular higher efficiency series thats due out, i believe its 80+ gold but cannot find the article announcing them at the moment. The PRO Core edition ones are non modular and slightly less efficient.
  5. Right, so they updated them and made them non-modular and slightly less efficient?? But continued the name with a new range of XFX PSU's on the horizon?? To me, that doesn't sound like an update, it sounds like the update is about to come...and PRO version is different.

    tbh, if I bought the Black Edition and got a PRO instead the difference in efficiency wouldn't annoy me that much, as its negligible. It would be loosing the modular cables.
  6. No, they updated them, added Pro and XXX to the name of the modular units, the non modular units are the Pro Core Edition, separate line up based on a different platform, they are parallel line ups, they have both series out right now, the core series is a bit less efficient but also cheaper, while the XXX series is modular, more efficient, but also costs more to even it out.


    Top of the list is the Pro850W XXX edition, modular and 80+ silver, two down the list is the Core Edition Pro850W, totally different unit, non modular and 80+ bronze, so its not the Pro or no Pro bit thats important, its the Core edition part.
  7. I have just come across this link which seems to clear things up quite nicely:


    It does indeed seem that they updated the fan, cosmetics and name, but the PSU remains the same. There also seems to be a new line of black edition PSU's on the way soon, but the old black edition PSU can be identified by the B (P1-750B-NLG9) in the name. The core editions have an S in the name (P1-750S-NLB9)
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